Autophagy AKA intermittent-fasting, More studies showing Positive results

Zachary Wolfe - 4 years, 5 months ago

Autophagy is a scientific term or process that involves the bodies natural healing mechanism. The term is becoming more well known as each day passes, but we as human beings throughout our entire history have been implementing this exercise of self discipline for thousands of years.

What is "Autophagy" ?

  • The word autophagy comes from the Greek for "self" and "phagein", which means "to eat"
  • It provides fuel for energy and building blocks for cell renewal
  • Autophagy can destroy bacteria and viruses
  • Aging of the bodies negative effects can be counteracted by autophagy
  • .
So what's the buzz about now? , it seems drug companies are looking to capitalize on our "health" once again, in regards to Autophagy (fasting) there is a race to provide drug stimulants that will speed up the process of the bodies natural process. It seems we have been taught the wrong things in relation to how many times a day we are supposed to eat, it seems apparent that the body as we are born into it has a natural ability to heal itself.

There has been many test done on animals with astonishing results and humans are expressing their results throughout the world more-so in correlation with the word "Autophagy" , the underlying truth of the matter is Autophagy is nothing new, nonetheless this is a positive "Buzz Word" to provide the knowledge path for curing of ailments and spreading the word of the ultimate benefits of this methodology.

Autophagy has been said to cure diseases such as cancer, provide super human like attributes like power brain activity , learning and focus rises, energy levels and confidence spikes. The outcome seems undeniably worth implementing into our daily regimen.

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