A Light Had To Rise

Zachary Ray Wolfe - 2 years, 2 months ago

In the wake of all things that have come to pass, a light had to shine to create something so beautiful the world couldn't help but fixate its eyes upon the gathering of God's might.

Such beautiful graces of light will shine and extinguish any Darkness from existence.

There is a beautiful thing called enlightenment and it spreads so fiercely once it is reached, the upper echelon of activities you know?

Activate the Activated, get situated it's going to be one.. ' MAGICAL ' ride...

As we proceed and progress in ascension the pathways are opening to the times that are at hand, we are no longer of the past as we are building and reaching for the stars by Command.

The Light is coming through everlasting with the Might of God positioning through his people.

Thy Kingdom Come

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