God is Always With Us

Zachary Wolfe - 4 years, 3 months ago

The days have come to past from experience, calculating decisions against the darkness and becoming full in the light. All the Lord's blessings are abundant to those who follow the light, many times as I look back in my life I see the mistakes and why a void of darkness was taking part in it.

The wonderful glory of God's light being shined through you and I, Knock and it shall be opened unto you, Ask and you shall receive, Seek and you Shall Find. These words are truth in this temporary earthly domain, ascending above the darkness through God's might we find comfort and joy again. Whatever may come our way, we have no need to worry, as it has been written for us and God will not allow us to faulter to the Darkness.

As I read more and more of the bible in depth, it not only brings me joy and comfort ... The blessings are so abundant in a Life of God. It's easy to lose track and become blinded by the temptations and darkness that resides in the world. The understanding of it all is not for us to conquer, understanding God's word and what it is saying to us. Nothing is more powerful than He, through him all things are possible.

Yesterday, Today and Forever God's might is with us! Open the door to the joy of the Lord and blessings shall follow you and positive shall be spread like a wild fire to those who surround you.

I choose to stay in the path of the Light, there is no other way for me to proceed, I am very aware of how wonderful the Light is, as the power of Darkness is Null when you find your way to the ultimate LIGHT! Amen!

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