Survival of The Illusions

Zachary Ray Wolfe - 2 years, 8 months ago

We are in Some Confusing Times. It's Time To Establish Who You Are Within and Become It.

It's Tough To Understand and Know The Differences.

We Find The Truth In Gods Messages To and Through Us In All Things.

Writings on The Walls, The Truth is revealed, it's important to establish the connection with God.

Living and Loving through His Might, soon comes a time there will be no such thing as a Lie.

Call me a Dreamer, that's okay. I Suppose the World Could use Some More of it.

Seeing past the darkness is a gift that comes with a Great Responsibility behind it.

A Weapon .. Truth Is

Unified through God's word as another to love one as we are.

We Seek and we Find in God's Spirit.

Live life and love and all Darkness depletes around you and causes a chain reaction that quakes a powerful motion that people follow as that is the true foundation of Leadership, to be Real.

To Be Truthful, To Know, The Duty is To Share Thy Knowledge throughout all paths.

At all cost the Truth must be instilled in every Mind on the planet, the greatest shift known to ManKind is taking place.

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