The Light Provides The Way

Zachary Ray Wolfe - 1 year, 9 months ago

Each day we are Granted is a Day to Pursue what God is gifting us within our dreams and mindset, there is a purpose for each and everyone of us. We take the Day at Hand with all the Sudden thoughts of Yesterday and The Current Events that we Consider relevant within our lives.

Concentrating on the Positive things is a wonderful thing, things come and go so fast in our lives these days its easy to get spun around and about.

That's why it's so important to have a Solid foundation and Understanding when it comes to it all.

When I say it all, I mean Life, The gift we are Given!

If you want something bad enough use that Heart of yours to mentally Achieve through the Spirit of God all things are possible, some of the most incredible human beings known to Man-Kind used their Spirit + Heart to achieve astronomical feats.

Bruce Lee's one inch punch and the Energy spoken about utilized to achieve things like this, Eyes closed and bound to achieve one thing and one thing only.

Finding rhythm of self and the spirit of God in-tune with all that is known to creation as One entity.

Focused and Consistently keeping the Light of God in the mindset as each day passes..

Knowing that any day could be the Last

Over the past year I've achieved a lot and will continue to share about my journey now they we are back writing again.

May be a bit messy sometimes, but hey we getting it out.

Much love!

God Bless

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