The Surpassing Light Remains Steady

Zachary Ray Wolfe - 2 years, 1 month ago

The Light shines within us as God builds us and strengthens us throughout our life Canvas, it's up to us to stop fighting his Will for us in which he provides all the tools necessary to achieve what you believe and Dream of in ways you maybe can't realize and see at this time.. maybe you are already there.

When we Shine it's hard to realize and believe in it consistently it's like it dies out because you Rely on others to keep it alive instead of God, the wrong reasons of thought.

Instead, We Shine To Make Others Shine, We Enjoyment of Life in ways for others to see that they can do too. You will notice in this world that not many want to see you above them in Terms of Shining Brightly. Making something of yourself and showing the world your Talents is something that should be smiled upon from one another and each and everyone pressing and pushing each others potential to it's Highest of limits.

Truth Is..

We must Look Past all that hinders us from being Consistent on Achieving our Dreams.. When You Surpass.. You are Going In At It... !!!

ALONE! And it's going to seem like Noone is believing in You!

BUT!! God.. And I Assure You!! They Watching!

Soon as you make it, They all will Change Their Attitudes Then.

Remember to Focus on Your Thing! Do Your Thing Man! No Mercy when it comes to Believing In Self!!!

God Bless The Human Race, I Love You All!

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