Treasure In The Wake

Zachary Ray Wolfe - 2 years, 2 months ago

As we push ourselves to the limits in all aspects of our lives, we notice it becomes natural and normal along with the tremendous transformation that should be taking place if you are doing it right.

The mind must be in tune with consistency to achieve such great strides, it's easier said than done right? Well, that's the General Saying...


My belief is just Starting.. Do It, Don't Care About What Other People Think You Look Like Doing It...

I mean no one started out as an Expert or a Pro, in the beginning, if you Practice Technique and Consistency all else will flow with your incredible Unique Mindset. It must be evolved and Pressed To Its Limits.

It is The Natural Way The Human Body Is Supposed To Be Utilized.

The more you push your body and mind to it's limits it Expands and Unlocks some very special things in the Heart of it All.

Start Small, Push Big.. Focus on Being Consistent, every day Thanking God along the way is Key.

Remain Humble, Pray for his Strength and Guidance to be consistent and remain in such ways. I'm going through an incredible transformation that I have shared with the world and I can't stress enough I'm not just typing these things... I LIVE IT.

I Wish To Share My Secrets with the World... Every day I open these Eyes of Mine, I Thank God for everything he does, no matter what is going on.

God's Speed.. Consistency is Key, Start Today!!! Focus! Focus Focus!~ Thank God!

There Is A Treasure In The Wake!! I Promise You!!

Push It!

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