The Strength of Humility

Zachary Wolfe - 3 years, 4 months ago

As things become more chaotic in our world, at least for some of us, being humble can be an enormous struggle. Looking past the small things and being grateful for all that you have. Looking at everything in a positive stance in order to reflect a positive outcome and surrounding.

I myself have struggled with it for a long time, it's not hard to feel like the world is weighing you down and even knowing it's important to be positive to achieve a positive lifestyle. I am slowly progressing to what I know is right to become each and every day. The way I have achieved much of this is by separating myself from negative as much as possible, unfortunately, in this world, it's doing things outside of the box and what the world dishes out on the news and the broken systems that are in place. It's so very hard for us to be humble when we feel cheated, lied to, mislead day after day.

Separate yourself from the negative, become positive that spreads and dominates over the counterpart. Ever walked into a negative feeling room and said some positive things that have an ultimate chain reaction that creates a feeling within of fulfillment. It's so easy to do, but so easy to forget to remain humble and sustain the positivity that our world needs.

Be that person today, go out and make someone's day beautiful by showing that there are people out there that care. Remember, simple things can go a long way. You get more bees with honey!

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