Are Employers Expectations too High?

Zachary Wolfe - 4 years, 10 months ago

A lot of individuals looking for jobs in a professional classification especially IT, often find themselves looking at unreasonable job descriptions.

Seeming as if most employers are disconnected from the reality of what all it takes to master all the subjects, upon experience I don't see this lasting too much longer as the employer needs to realize growth potential and passion instead of looking for the "All Star" pick of the month, this ideology will not and cannot work.

It is apparent that the experience required needs to be established somehow, this alone will create a pathway to a systematic change in how employers look for potentials. This is a given as the job market shifts into a new algorithmic process, simply because there is no way to gain experience the employers currently want if none are providing it.

The fact of it all is, passionate people are all around looking for jobs in these fields. Yet employers are missing out on that on which they seek. Instead of aiming for the moon right away as if Rome was built in a day, the underlying process of it all should involve seeking those who are passionate and have the will to succeed and learn.

Let's face it this is the only way these companies will start to progress in rhythm.

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