New Technologies are Bound to Lead in Discovery of Ancient Civilizations

Zachary Wolfe - 4 years, 10 months ago

We in this world are among some very exciting times, living in a time of substantial technological leaps and we are just starting to unveil parts of the earth that have never been seen before. TV shows like 'Ancient Aliens' , ' Drain the Oceans' have an abundance of new resources coming their way in terms of content.

With the rapidly evolving technologies such as Sonar, Photogrammetry, and Computer Generated Data Sciences, we can cover a vast amount of the earth's space like never before. I envision these capabilities will hasten in progression as more people become interested in seeing what the earth's wonders truly consist of.

As we know less than 10 percent of the globe's ocean has been explored via sonar technologies, this fact alone tells us we still have a lot to learn, discover, and achieve. I don't know about you but my excitement levels rise when I think about what ancient civilizations could be down there, all is left up to the imagination for now, but I do indeed believe we will reach a vast amount of these uncharted territories in our lifetime.

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